For scaling companies (post-Series A/B):

Remotely is the closest solution to your internal hiring team. We stand up high-quality engineering teams in Argentina and Spain and become the employer of record (managing payroll, taxes, office space, HR/IT, ongoing recruiting). You maintain full control over who to hire, how much to pay them, and how to manage them.

Remotely is a great fit for your company if you are looking to add an engineering hub to your existing engineering organization and you are willing to invest in making the remote squad a core part of your company (give them an important part of the strategy/execution of your product, involve them in your culture/company, travel to meet them or fly them to company events once in a while).

Remotely was founded by software startup veterans that have built and managed engineering teams in remote locations.

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Remotely's promise:

For post-seed companies:

Remotely is the ideal solution for assembling your initial engineering team once you have begun validating your product idea and have raised a seed round. Instead of recruiting each team member one-by-one and wasting valuable time, we match you with seasoned Tech Leads equipped to help you execute on your product vision, and scale both your team and your product. Start with one or two developers, and quickly grow your team as your needs (or budget) expand.

Remotely is not a devshop, product agency, outsourcing company, or a traditional recruiting company. Rather, we help you build your core engineering team out of Argentina or Spain, and take care of the operational headaches to make it work (legal, administrative, logistics and ongoing recruiting) so you that you can focus on product and go-to-market execution. You pay the salaries of your engineering team, plus a monthly fee for our service.